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Mill of Pappas

Κοινωνικός Διαμοιρασμός :

The Pappas Mill is a cultural heritage museum in Larissa, a living part of the history of our city with a significant legacy of memories.

The founders, Constantine Pappas, Skaliora Konstantinos and Christos Dimitriadis once bought in the district Tampakika area of 10 acres then create a company, founded and operated a mill in 1893, the time when Larisa also maintained intense color of the Turkish city.

Today the mill hosts cultural activities. Housed and operated school dance, visual arts workshops, small theater with a capacity of 150 people, the Philharmonic of the City, film club and puppet.
So today continues to offer the city differently. The imposing facade awe visitors, evokes memories of the past and connects the present with the older growth seasons.

Summer mill cinema

Mill's Summer Cinema

The mill

Mill's bar


Mill's Theatre


Mill's Puppet